DateOctober 09, 2013 (Wednesday)
Time17:30 - 19:00
Speaker施議對博士 (澳門大學榮休教授)
Moderator施天藝博士 (香港科技大學)
VenueLibrary Gallery, HKUST Library G/F
LanguageMandarin (普通話)


About the Talk

Professor Jao Tsung-I was delighted by the publishing of Professor Sze Yee Tui’s “Literature and God”, and thought it an impossible mission without divine inspiration. That is a question only the author can answer. The book took Prof. Sze more than a decade of researching and writing, and four years of editing. Just as the proverb goes, it takes ten years to grind a sword, so it took just as long to Prof. Sze to perfect every word in the book.

Prof. Sze will take us through of how he wrote the book, and what he has learned from Prof. Yao. He will also give us a glimpse into the alluring world of his intellectual journey.

Prof. Sze Yee Tui Book Talk



施教授的《文學與神明 : 饒宗頤訪談錄》(索書號: PL2264 .R36 2010) 已入館藏,可隨時借閱。


About the Author

Prof. Sze Yee Tui and Rao Zongyi Portrait

Professor Emeritus Dr. Yee Tui Sze’s ancestral home was in Changhua County, the Granary of Taiwan. He is a professor and researcher in Chinese literature at the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Macau, where he has been teaching classical literature and Chinese poetry (Ci) for more than two decades. He is the winner of several teaching awards, and served as the Associate Dean at the Faculty of Chinese of the University. Prior to the University of Macau, Prof. Sze was the Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong New Asia Publishing, an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Prof. Sze graduated from the Department of Chinese, Fujian Normal University, and went on in pursuit of his postgraduate research at the Centre for Language and Literature Studies of Hangzhou University, obtaining both of his MPhil and PhD in Chinese Literature from the Graduate School of CASS in Beijing. His two great mentors were Prof. Xia Chengtao and Prof. Wu Shichang, both were the leading authorities in Chinese literature. Prof. Sze’s doctoral thesis, Study on the Relationship Between the Lyric and Music, has been regarded by the fellow scholars as the most integrated thesis on Ci for the century, one of the most-highly cited theses of his field. Prof. Sze has further established the theory of Constructive Analysis of Ci based on the foundation laid by Prof. Wu Shichang.

Prof. Sze is a prolific researcher whose publications include more than 20 sole-authored books, in addition to numerous articles and papers.

施議對, 台灣彰化人。澳門大學榮休教授、中國社會科學院比較文學硏究中心學術顧問、河南大學兼職教授。中國社會科學院文學硏究所原副硏究員、香港新亞洲出版社原總編輯、澳門大學原中文學院副院長、社會科學及人文學院中文系教授。



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