DateSeptember 16, 2010 (Thursday)
Time17:30 - 18:30
SpeakerPhilip Yeung
ModeratorVictoria F. Caplan
VenueLibrary Gallery (G /F), HKUST Library


About the Book

The DNA of English and the Art of Writing / by Philip Yeung
(Forthcoming: Oxford University Press)

There are thousands of books on writing, but this is the first to explore how "cracking the DNA of English" opens up many possibilities to write creatively. This is a book beyond grammar. It redirects our attention to the primary purpose of language learning: to write and to speak with impact.

Sharing his writers point of view, Mr. Yeung explained his method that encourages you to look for the functions and patterns of language and discover what makes a piece of writing attractive.

He considered issues like:

  • What are the functional implications of English being an alphabetical language?
  • Why do we need nouns, verbs, adjectives adverbs, and prepositions?
  • How do sounds generated alphabetically offer possibilities for memorable writing?
  • What areas cause non-native writers to stumble, and why?

He also discussed how studying presidential speech writers helped him develop a formula for powerful writing. Whether you are a new writer or an experienced one, Mr. Yeungs talk had something to offer everyone.

The DNA of English and the art of writing [streaming video].

Power Point Presentation

Sept 17 book talk - question and answer

About the Author

Mr. Philip Yeung portrait

Mr. Philip Yeung is speechwriter to the President of HKUST and Senior Communication Manager at the Office of University Development and Public Affairs. He was formerly a freelance speechwriter to many Hong Kong leaders, including the current Financial Secretary and the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury. He was a frequent contributor to the South China Morning Post on English language and education issues, and has delivered effective writing workshops to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Mr. Yeung completed his undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Toronto and studied briefly at Exeter College, Oxford University on a scholarship.

In addition to his forthcoming book, The DNA of English and the Art of Writing, he has several other books in preparation: Winning over your Audience: The Neglected Art of Speaking with Impact, Empowerment English for the Disadvantaged, and English for Global Citizens.

For enquiry, please contact Victoria Caplan at 2358-6786.



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