Hall Express / SHRLO eNewsletter

Containing 23 Issues

Date of Issue Title Office
15-Dec-2018 Reslife Newsletter - RECAP of 2018, December 2018 DST
15-Apr-2018 Off-Campus Connection Express, April 2018 DST
15-Mar-2018 Off-Campus Connection Express, March 2018 DST
15-Feb-2018 Off-Campus Connection Express, February 2018 DST
15-Dec-2017 Reslife Newsletter, December 2017 DST
15-Sep-2017 HKUST Postgraduate Residents Newsletter, Fall 2017, Issue 001 DST
15-May-2017 Off-Campus Connection, May 2017 DST
15-Feb-2017 Hall Express, February 2017 DST
15-Nov-2016 Off-Campus Connection, November 2016 DST
15-Oct-2016 HKUST Reslife Newsletter, October 2016 DST
15-Sep-2016 Hall Express, September 2016 DST
15-Jun-2016 Hall Express, June 2016 DST
15-Nov-2015 Hall Express, November 2015 DST
15-May-2015 Hall Express, May 2015 DST
15-Mar-2015 Hall Express, March 2015 DST
15-Dec-2014 Hall Express, December 2014 DST
15-Oct-2014 SHRLO eNewsletter, October 2014 DST
15-May-2014 SHRLO eNewsletter, May 2014 DST
15-Feb-2014 SHRLO eNewsletter, February 2014 DST
15-Nov-2013 SHRLO eNewsletter, November 2013 DST