Cheers -- Campus Highlights on Events, Experiences and Reflections of Students

Containing 9 Issues

Highlights on campus events and experiences published by Student Affairs Office

Date of Issue Title Office
15-Sep-2012 Cheers, Fall Issue, 2012-13 SAO
15-Feb-2012 Cheers, Spring Issue, 2011-12 SAO
15-Sep-2011 Cheers, Fall Issue, 2011-12 SAO
15-Feb-2011 Cheers, Spring Issue, 2010-11 SAO
15-Sep-2010 Cheers, Fall Issue, 2010-11 SAO
15-Feb-2010 Cheers, Spring Issue, 2009-10 SAO
15-Oct-2009 Cheers, Special Issue, 2009-10 SAO
15-Sep-2009 Cheers, Fall Issue, 2009-10 SAO
15-Feb-2008 Cheers, Spring Issue, 2008-09 SAO